CHOC and Vanderbilt

We now have Children's Hospital of Orange County participating in the TouchStones program.  CHOC is going to roll out the program hospital wide for all of its physicians.  They are putting together their own video using my "Dear Future Physician" letter as the foundation for what they want to say.  

I also recently exchanged emails with one of the PICU physicians who cared for my son and who was the person who supported the Touchstones program from the beginning.  She was the one who gave me the confidence to move forward with the idea.  She was at Johns Hopkins at the time, but she is now on staff at Vanderbilt Medical School and Children's Hospital.  She shared with me that she has introduced the TouchStones message into a "Healer's Art" class she teaches and she hands out pocket stones on the last day of class. 

It would be great to have more hospitals on board, but I also recognize that we are making a difference one hospital at a time.  If we can change the way one physician treats his or her patients and their families (and I believe we have), then we have succeeded.